AIDS Healthcare Foundation Nurse Manager job ($5K Sign On & $15K Retention Bonus)

AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a specialized provider of HIV/AIDS medical care that was founded in 1987. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay. They offer healthcare centers, pharmacies, health plans, research, and other activities to provide access to the latest HIV treatments for all who need them.

The organization is hiring a Nurse Manager for their Healthcare Center team. This position contributes to the organization’s mission by treating patients with respect and integrity, making decisions about patient care, and coordinating timely services. The Nurse Manager will assist in administering vaccines and first-aid services to patients and educate patients and peers during community outreach programs.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation offers great benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and retirement plans, among others. They value patient-centered care, respect for diversity, and fighting for what’s right. They provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability.

The Nurse Manager’s role is to coordinate the timeliness of services and ensure the patient is receiving the highest quality of care that enhances the reputation of AHF. The Nurse Manager can enhance the experience of other members of the Healthcare Center staff by being an additional source of clinical knowledge in the HCC and providing the staff with answers to clinical questions that arise during phone calls and triage when needed. Their role is collaborative, rather than exclusive.

At AHF, the staff is valued highly and acknowledged as one of their most important resources. They are committed to providing access to affordable healthcare for local communities and globally. The organization affords opportunities for individuals to pursue various career interests within their field of choice. The work atmosphere is both stimulating and engaging, and they offer fair compensation, respect, and excellent benefits.

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