Fidelity Investment Review 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Fidelity Investment Review - Fidelity Stock

Fidelity Investment Review 

Do you wish to invest in Fidelity and get high Return On Investment? Then you’re at the right place as we shall walk you through thorough Fidelity investment review. Fidelity is one of the best platforms for online brokerage space investors. 

It offers fidelity mutual funds, non-interest trading options such as fidelity 401k, ETF, U.S fidelity stock, among others to people with fidelity brokerage account using its fidelity trading system. 

Fidelity has been of great help to investors who are looking for the best investment platforms by offering them with thoroughly conducted research, resources needed for risk-minimal investment, investment books, journals as well as other beneficial investment software. Fidelity was founded in the year 1946 and became prominence on the internet after five decades in 1955.

Fidelity investment services have improved continuously over the years as it now incorporates low cost investor into the investment platform. In this article, you will learn:

  1. Why should you go for Fidelity investment.
  2. Why brokers are investing in Fidelity.
  3. How to make money with Fidelity investment. 
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of Fidelity Investment. 
  5. How secure is Fidelity investment. 
  6. How to use Fidelity investment. 

Who Should Invest With Investment

Fidelity is a broker platform that offers services to so many sets of investors from new to old, expert as well as beginners who desire to carryout the investment processes by themselves. 

It provides investors with valueable resources and tools needed to scale through all hurdles that come their way. 

Fidelity also provides a service called Active Trader Pro which helps investors with actual data as well as programmed trading interface.

Why Brokers Are Investing In Fidelity

Fidelity as an investment service renders a wide range of investment options to their clients using fidelity brokerage account which include; Fixed income, stocks, ETFs, forex trading (kindly make further research on this), mutual funds among others. 

Some of the services not offered by Fidelity presently are; cryptocurrency, futures options, etc. 

Some of the products offered by Fidelity include: Fraction shares, Bonds: corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasury bonds,etc. OTCBB which consist penny stocks. Single and multiple options. Forex about 16 (pairs). Mutual funds up to 3,500. 

How Fidelity Makes Money With Investment

Since Fidelity doesn’t request much charges from their clients who use fidelity brokerage account, many do wonder how Fidelity makes money. Below are some of the ways through which Fidelity makes money:

  1. Interest from Margines: The company makes money from interest rates that are below average. The rate per $10,000 is 9.075% while that of $100,000 is 7.575%. 
  2. Price difference: Equity offers $0.0116 per share when it comes to price difference, options do order $0.0598 per contract. 
  3. Stock loan program: Fidelity earns some few bucks in your account whenever you carry out short loans. 
  4. Cash interest: Fidelity makes money as clients get enrolled into the program called cash sweep for nominal rates.
  5. Another way fidelity investment makes money for their clients is through fidelity 500 index fund. 

Advantages Of Fidelity Investment

  1. Fidelity provides high value offers. 
  2. It had minimal cost. 
  3. There are amazing trading experiences.

Disadvantages Of Fidelity Investment

  1. Futures, Cryptocurrency trading as well as commodities are currently not available on Fidelity Investment. 
  2. The platform doesn’t have any streaming news, updates or data. 
  3. Luxurious broker trading charges. 
  4. Only accessible to U.S. as well as main island occupants. 

Fidelity Investments Trading Platform

Fidelity investment utilizes two main trading platform which are and Active Trader Pro. These fidelity trading platforms are both free for every user that signs up to invest with them.

Some of the features include highly improved screeners with over 10 year of specified and valued research tools based on historical data. 

The Active Trader Pro trading platform contains both readily downloadable desktop fidelity software as well as online fidelity trading platform website 

People who are investors of Fidelity investment stock can make use of these two trading platforms to carry out their activities as they are provided with many trading options for making orders of their choices. Some of these tools include; technical tools, market analysis, and various shortcut menus put in place to make trading much easier. Investors can upgrade to fidelity active trader pro to enjoy more features offered by the fidelity investment company. 

Fidelity Investment Login

Investors or those looking forward to invest with fidelity can login or sign up using the fidelity investment company website HERE 

Fidelity stock Trader App

Users can trading from anywhere around the world using the fidelity trading apps made available for Android iOS, Amazon watches, Apple, etc using the fidelity stock trader app website 

How Secure is Fidelity Investment 

  • Fidelity ranks top in the category of the Best for Low Cost on yearly basis.
  • There is activation of Two-factor authentication process offered on the trading system. 
  • Users with mobile apps can sign in using their biometric captures. 
  • Fidelity is incorporated with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance and has a maximum $1.9 million limit on cash not invested.

In terms of transparency, Fidelity is topnotch and secure. 

Although, no actual outage was recorded in the year 2021 but, kindly make thorough investigation before opening a fidelity brokerage account or anyone at all.

Type of Fidelity Account You Should Open

A lot of people always ask the type of account to open for Fidelity investment. Fidelity offers every type of frequently utilized account. Open taxation brokerage accounts, transferable Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), standard IRAs, Roth IRAs, Inherited IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs, Self-Employed 401(k)s, SIMPLE IRAs, and other retirement accounts are all options.

Fidelity Customer Service & Help Desk

  1. 24-hour phone number. 
  2. Live agent support via online chat. 
  3. You can communicate with a live broker (Fidelity Virtual Assistant). 
  4. Fidelity no longer keeps track of the typical hold time for customer assistance.

How to Use Fidelity Investment

The process of opening a Fidelity brokerage account is simple and easy. There are some paperwork attached to advance services. Investment trading online platforms are also made available for easy accessibility.

Kindly visit the Fidelity website to finds out more about the requirements for opening an account with them.


Fidelity investment which is rated as one of the most used and highly recommended investment services in the U.S offers great investment services such as fidelity 401k, ETF, U.S fidelity stock investment, among others to people with fidelity brokerage account using various fidelity trading platforms.

Incase you find this article interesting, do leave us a comment down below.


Kindly make your thorough research before investing your money in fidelity trading or any other fidelity stock as we would not be liable for any damages or losses. 

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