How To Promote Your Business On Instagram Without Running Ads & Make Money Online (10 Working Tips)

How To Make Money Online On Instagram | How to promote your business on Instagram

It a great thing to have a business running, but it is a greater thing to have a successful business running smooth and generating consistent income for you. 

In this post I will give you how to promote your business on Instagram without running ads and make money online (10 working tips). Thereby generating more income. But before I do that, let’s take a look on what Instagram really is.

Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom due to his keen interest in photography. It is a platform where people share photos, videos and various kinds of contents for their followers to see. A lot of people use this platform for promoting their businesses, music, skills, professions, creativity, hobby, talents and a  lot more.

Instagram is one of the great tools which have over a billion users and has revealed a lot of potentials in its users. It has made small scale entrepreneurs go big even beyond their imagination. Now, let’s see how to use Instagram for scaling your business higher.

1. Create an Instagram business account

Instagram has different functions for different users. For your business, it’s best you go for a business account as there are functions to help you your business grow by meet target audience. 

Just in case you have created a personal account already, you can easily switch to a business account in order to use features and tools meant for your business. These include advertising tolls, analytic tools, etc.

2. Create a “To-Post-List”

To make your business more visible, you need to create a to post list of your contents in order not to avoid going out of post when you should be showing your business to your audience. This can be achieved by listing out what you want your audience to know about your business and creating content around them while your keep them save in your notepad.

Advantages of having a to post list:

1. You won’t go out of post

2. Your followers will be update about things they need to know about your business.

3. You will be able to monitor your progress

4. You will be up to pace.

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3. Make amazing offers with bonuses

One of the things that drive people is the love for extra. From my experience in digital marketing, I observed that people go for anything that has extra attached to it. For instance, you as a restaurant owner can offer a free soft drinks offer to any customer that buy a plate of food. 

This will not only drive people to your restaurant but also keep them coming for more even if they have such good nearer to them.

4. Be unique and use high quality images

Uniqueness distinguishes things ( could be people, business, brands, goods, services, and lots more) from others. More people will patronize your businesses if you do things in a unique way. To achieve this, add extra to your business which will make you stand out amongst your competitors. 

Also, make sure you use relevant hash tags for more visibility. Hash tags help make your brand known to cold audiences once they search for things related to your business. Be conscious of the tags you use and make it minimal so as make your post readable and understandable.

5. Reply to important comments about your business

This is one of the best ways to engage with your followers and turn them to potential customers. By replying to their comments or reactions on your posts, you are giving them that notion of acceptance and love.

Also, reply to messages in your inbox as and when due. Customers might want to know more about a particular product which you post thereby coming to you inbox for clarification.

6. Be consistent

So now that you’ve created your “To Post List”, you still need to be consistent in posting them on your page. You can as well make use of schedule post app which are available online so that posts are made directly to your page even when you’re busy, once you scheduled them.

7. Engage with others people in your field of business

You need to engage with other people’s posts most especially those in your niche as you gain more knowledge and even more followers. This will also help you know what to post and what not to due to people’s reactions on the posts of those in your niche.

8. Run sponsored Ads

In case you have enough funds, you can run sponsored ads for your business on Instagram. Using sponsored ads help you make your business known to people generally including those who are not your followers yet. It is good to run sponsored ads most especially if you are new to Instagram and/or you are yet to gather your desirable number of followers. 

9. Showcase your products on your Instagram stories

Your followers will be notified and able to see your products for a periods of time. This can help you catch their attentions to your business.

10. Use brand Influencer

Brand influencer can help you project your business to an already gathered followers but this does not come free.

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