Top 6 Safe And Secure Investments With the Highest Returns That Grow Your Money

Top 6 Safe And Secure Investments With the Highest Returns That Grow Your Money

So many people around the world do find it unwise to keep their money in the bank. In their minds, they are always engrossed or thinking of how to invest and make more money order than keeping it idle in the bank.

In some parts of the world, some individuals do experience unnecessary deductions from money left in banks which are usually termed ‘charges’.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to experience this so, you to read this article and learn several ways to invest your money and get returns. But, before I do that, let me take you through 5 benefits of investment and its importance.

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Importance of Investment Management and Benefits of Investing Early

1. Make more money:

If you want to make more money with that sum of money them you need to invest. Investment gives you the privilege to have higher returns and profits on your funds.

2. Avoid inflation: 

Your money might get devalued if left in the bank, so for you to avoid this there is a need for investment.

3. Accomplish your financial plans:

Humans have endless goals and ambitions in life hence the need to make money and invest in other things.

4. Save yourself from retirement devastation:

Retirement is what you should plan towards because by the time you are retired, the usual paycheck you receive every month will probably not be coming anymore. With this in mind, your investment now will bring you money at your later age. 

Also, majority of workers do invest in various profit-making channels in order to have a better retirement lifestyle.

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5. Access to loans when the need arises: 

Investment can serve as collateral whenever you intend to secure loan from banks. Every investor wants a large return, but this isn’t the only one. Professionals examine investments not only for total return possibilities but also for a concept known as “low-risk returns.” 

The main fact is not that these returns are made equally, and wise investors seek out opportunities where they can obtain the best return for the risk they are putting on – even though that involves admitting lower returns. 

Checkout This: Top 6 Safe And Secure Investments With the Highest Returns That Grow Your Money

1. Real estate

Real estate asset class can be enticing amid uncertain times for the stock market and banks. turn into a landlord. Put a portion of your capital down on a property, do some repairs, rent it out, and let the renters take care of the mortgage. 

If you want a more immediate possibility as well as have greater experience, consider property flipping. Real estate is one of the ways to invest and make passive income.

Real estate has a significant income potential when done well. However, it can also be a dangerous and somewhat erratic investment. True, during the past 20 years, returns on residential as well as evolved real estate investments typically averaged around 10%, slightly outperforming the S&P 500.


Investing in real estate could also be risky, particularly in the near term. The real estate bubble that popped and caused the Great Recession is an extreme example. Millions of individuals lost their jobs and houses as a result of the worldwide economic slump that started in 2007, which caused the housing market to plummet.

How the prevailing economic conditions will eventually affect the price of property is unknown. Buyers’ capacity to raise money and motivation to part with it may be limited by the significant blow to the economy as well as employment. 

Sellers that genuinely need to sell, though, could be prepared to accept lesser offers. Additionally, relocations brought on by people starting to work from home leaving crowded, pricey center-city homes have benefited several suburban as well as exurban areas of the country despite depressing property values in other cities.

2. Government bonds

The United States Treasury and Federal Reserve will be more than pleased to accept your investments and provide you highly secure securities in exchange. Most textbooks still consider a U.S. government bond to be a risk-free investment.

However, a lot of people and institutions have also already bought bonds before you, which has driven bond rates to extremely low levels throughout this crisis. The interest on a 10-year Treasury note hit an all-time low of 0.73 percent on April 9, 2020. 

Government bonds are among the safest locations to store money, if the low interest rates don’t put you off.

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3. Expensive Assets

Fine arts, automobiles, watches, gems, including diamonds and other precious stones, as well as nearly everything else that counts as a collectible, fall under this category of physical assets. 

In their favor, they are tangible items that could be held and observed, as opposed to a bank account statement that would be difficult to obtain if the financial institution where it was kept goes out of business.

However, luxury investments are far from a sure thing. Despite the lack of historical data, it is generally believed that their returns have declined those of the stock market. 

But, they have experienced times of rapid realization due to either solid economic market growth or durations of popularity, which raises underlying values.

4. Invaluable materials

One hypothetical scenario maintains that gold, silver, as well as other metals like platinum or copper would keep holding their worth, if not increase, even in the situation that financial markets no longer operate.

Although it is unlikely that you will need to use physical things as barter, it can still make sense to keep a portion of your assets in this form. 

A low or unfavorable relationship between precious metals and some other asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, means that when such assets decline, metals are inclined to achieve, at least not very far, and might grow in value.

5. Dividend Stocks

For a number of reasons, dividend stocks present some particularly compelling alternatives. The most direct way for a company to return the profits of its operations to its owners is through a dividend, which is a regular cash payment made to shareholders.

Additionally, it often denotes a number of critical elements for the market’s risk profile.

How to invest in stocks

There are various ways to invest in stocks. The greater the yield, the more difficult it will be for prospective investors looking for a deal to transmit it up. 

Despite the dividend yield, that won’t mean much for a company that is clearly headed for bankruptcy, making it a risky investment. However, it will support the share price of a company that is simply going through a rough patch.

Businesses can and will reduce their payouts during extremely difficult times.

Dividend payments are far less stable than, say, the fixed coupon payment on a bond, which is rare since it typically sends the stock falling; consumers want stability, so they respond adversely when a dividend is not secured.

6. National Savings Certificate (NSC)

This risk-free investment choice works like a bank fixed deposit. The rate is determined by the government on a case-by-case basis each year and is typically between 8 and 9 percent. It is compounded every six months. 

It is offered for periods of five and ten years. The 5-year plan is strongly advised. A NSC can be borrowed against and transferred to another person. Any early redemption is not permitted.

This risk-free investment choice is deductible under section 80C. With the exception of the previous year, interest earned is also qualified for the section 80C incentive. The section 80C profit is that there is no maximum investment limit for this.

There are other types of investments platforms. Some of them are stocks, annuities, bonds, mutual Funds and Commodity Futures, security futures, ETFs, Retirement, bank

products, insurance, ptions, saving for education, alternative and complex products and last but not the least, Coin Offerings and Cryptocurrencies


There are many safe and secured ways to invest your money in 2022. These are some of them and I will be sharing more in my subsequent posts. Which investment are you starting out with now? Kindly let me know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post so you can help others. Thanks. 

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