Does Target Cash Checks? Everything You Need to Know


Target accept personal checks for in-store purchases, emphasizing their commitment to providing diverse payment options. However, it’s important to note that Target doesn’t offer check-cashing services, focusing solely on facilitating transactions within its retail environment.

In case your check faces issues during an in-store transaction, rest assured. Target employs Certegy, an electronic check verification service, and if your check is declined, you can contact Certegy directly for assistance. Target’s customer service team is also ready to address any payment-related concerns.


But what about payroll and business checks? Target doesn’t cash payroll checks and generally doesn’t accept business checks for in-store purchases. The store’s payment methods include RedCard, credit/debit cards, and modern installment plans like Afterpay and Klarna, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.


Looking beyond Target, we explore alternatives for check cashing, including Walmart, Walgreens, and digital options like PayPal’s “Cash a Check” service. While Target’s check policy remains focused on in-store transactions, understanding the available alternatives enhances your flexibility in managing finances.

Does Target Cash Checks?

Yes, Target cash checks but only accept personal checks as a valid form of payment in-store. The store’s focus lies in accepting personal checks exclusively as a valid in-store payment method. While check cashing isn’t on Target’s service menu, there’s no need for concern.

If you find yourself in need of immediate cash, exploring alternative options becomes crucial. You can opt for established alternatives like Walmart or Walgreens, each with its fee structure for check cashing. Additionally, digital platforms such as PayPal offer innovative solutions, allowing you to cash checks conveniently through their mobile app.


Payment Methods Accepted at Target

At Target, shopping is simplified through diverse payment methods. The options include RedCard, credit/debit cards, and innovative installment plans like Afterpay and Klarna. Embracing these alternatives ensures a hassle-free and flexible shopping experience tailored to your preferences. The RedCard offers exclusive benefits, while credit and debit cards bring convenience.

Moreover, the integration of modern installment plans aligns with contemporary financial trends, making Target adaptable to evolving consumer needs. These varied payment avenues empower customers to choose the method that suits their financial preferences and lifestyle.

Target’s commitment to providing a range of payment options reinforces its customer-centric approach, ensuring accessibility and ease during every transaction. Whether you prefer traditional cards or embrace innovative installment plans, Target ensures your shopping experience aligns with the ever-changing landscape of modern commerce.


Target Cashing Policy

Below, you’ll find all the information you need on Target’s cashing policy.

What if Target Declines My Check?

If Certegy, Target’s electronic check verification service, declines your check during an in-store transaction, don’t panic. You can contact Certegy directly at 1-(800) 237-3826. They will provide assistance and help resolve the issue. Additionally, Target’s customer service team stands ready to address any payment-related concerns you may encounter. This dual support system ensures that if your check faces issues, there are dedicated channels for resolution and clarification.

Does Target Cash Payroll Checks?

Target, as a retail giant, does not provide financial services such as cashing payroll checks. The store’s focus is on retail transactions, and it does not extend its services to include cashing various types of checks. If you have a payroll check that needs to be cashed, you’ll need to explore other options, such as visiting the bank that issued the check or utilizing services provided by designated check-cashing locations.


Can I Use Business Checks at Target?

Business checks are generally not accepted at Target for in-store purchases. The store’s policy primarily allows personal checks as a valid form of payment. While personal checks provide an alternative to traditional cash or card transactions, business checks are excluded from Target’s accepted payment methods. If you intend to make a purchase using a check at Target, ensuring it is a personal check linked to your bank account is crucial.

Does Target Accept Personal Checks?

Yes, Target does accept personal checks for in-store transactions. This policy provides customers with an alternative payment method, allowing the use of personal checks instead of relying solely on cash or card transactions. When making a purchase at Target, you have the flexibility to choose personal checks as a convenient and accepted form of payment. Understanding Target’s acceptance of personal checks ensures a smoother shopping experience, giving customers diverse options for conducting financial transactions within the store.

Does Target Accept Checks Electronically?

Target utilizes Certegy, an electronic service, to verify the personal checks it accepts from customers in-store. However, it’s essential to note that checks, despite being verified electronically, cannot be used as a form of payment for online purchases on or within the Target app. Target’s electronic check verification process ensures a secure transaction environment for in-store purchases, but this feature does not extend to online transactions.



Target allows personal checks as a means of payment for in-store purchases. However, it’s crucial to note that the store does not extend its services to include check cashing. This policy emphasizes the store’s focus on facilitating transactions within its retail environment.

If you find the absence of check-cashing services limiting, the guide advises looking into alternative options. Consider leveraging the services of traditional banks, credit unions, or specialized check-cashing stores, which cater specifically to handling various types of checks.


Will Target Cash Checks in the Future?

As of now, there is no indication that Target plans to introduce check-cashing services in the future. Target’s focus seems to remain on its current financial services model, where personal checks are accepted as a valid form of in-store payment. While businesses can evolve, Target has not provided any signals suggesting a shift toward offering check-cashing services to its customers.


Other Ways to Cash Your Check

When Target falls short for check cashing, alternatives abound. Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, and more provide check-cashing services, each with specific fees.

PayPal introduces a digital twist with its “Cash a Check” service accessible through the mobile app. Explore these alternatives for check cashing that cater to your preferences and location. Walmart’s fee structure, including a $4 fee for checks up to $1000, and Walgreens’ free service for checks up to $500, offer diverse options. Kroger, with a $3 fee for checks up to $2000, adds another layer of choice.

For those inclined towards a digital approach, PayPal’s “Cash a Check” service stands out, making it convenient to handle checks through your smartphone.


Does CVS Cash Checks?

CVS does not offer check-cashing services within its stores. However, it does accept personal and business checks as valid forms of payment. This means that while you can use checks to make purchases at CVS, the store does not provide the service of cashing checks for its customers. If you find yourself in need of check-cashing services, you may need to explore other options like banks or designated check-cashing locations.

Where Can You Cash a Personal Check Without Verification?

Cashing a personal check without verification is a challenging task, but it can be done at the issuing bank. However, even at the issuing bank, some form of identification is typically required to prove that you are the intended recipient of the check. While this process may vary slightly between banks, having a government-issued ID on hand is a common requirement.

Keep in mind that attempting to cash a personal check without proper verification may pose challenges and is generally not recommended due to the risk of potential fraud or unauthorized transactions. Always adhere to the bank’s policies and procedures for check-cashing services.


Alternatives to Cashing Checks at Target

  • 7-Eleven
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Dollar General
  • Safeway
  • Hannaford
  • ACE Cash
  • Albertsons
  • Food Lion
  • Harris Teeter

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